Measuring and charting of the pitch on cylindrical gears.

lnspection of gears of size and weight for which there is no gear measuring machine available.

lnspection of pitch on the gear production machine, i.e. without breaking down the set-up.

Based on the measured pitch characteristics, corrections to machine settings can be made.

Avoidance of machine standstill, which occurs when a workpiece has to be removed, set up on a gear measuring machine, and again set up on the pro­duction machine.

Fast set-up, simple Operation with the robust push buttons and accurate measurement thanks to the stable construction. The measured values are displayed on a small 4.3"TFT display. The evaluation is displayed via WiFi on a 10.1" tablet with Windows 10 professional and can be stored as a PDF File, forwarded or printed out.


The portable pitch measuring instrument is a universal device. The only prerequisite for its use is a slowly rotating round work-table or an appropriate arrangement between centres, where the workpiece to be measured can be accommodated.

The apparatus is therefore employed directly on the machine tool or as a supplementary device on measuring centres.

The operator is guided through the setting up and the measurement; the tuition time is minimal, the measurements are performed automatically.

The records are printed out via wireless printer or via Memory stick.

The measurements can be stored on an external PC in the form of an Adobe Acrobat PDF file.


Technical Data

Workpiece Diameter min/max 10mm/unlim. 0.394"/unlimited
Standard Module / DP 1 - 40 Mod. 25.4-0.63 DP
Larger Modules on request  on request
Standard Number of Teeth up to 999  up to 999
Higher Number of Teeth on request  on request

Circumferential speed of workpiece,


1-10 mm/sec



Left/Right hand measurement
motorized  motorized
Radial Slide adjustment (range)  70mm  2.756" 
Probe span (max)  250mm 9.84" 

Magnification for diagrams
100, 200, 500, 1000, 2000

Net weight (approx.)  25 kg 56 lbs 
Dimensions of ES 4100 unit (mm) 550x350x250  21.65x13.78x9.84" 


Measuring Range

(Accuracy VDI 2613 Group I)


Larger Measuring Range






on request






 on request


Power Requirements:

110/220 Volts, 50/60 Hz. ±10%
Machine Color Light Grey  Light Grey

The evaluation comprises of the following parameters and evaluated per:

ISO 1328, AGMA 2000, 2015 and DIN 3962 

Numerical printout of individual tooth values for each tooth is also possible in text and Exel file    



  • Transportation box
  • Transportation hood
  • Set of probes


  • Printer with print server
  • Memory-stick for storing documents in PDF format
  • Measuring device for internal gears
  • Runout probe




The gear to be measured rotates slowly, either continuously or intermittently about its axis, and the measuring probes are dipped into and withdrawn from the tooth spaces in an appropriate cycle. While the speed of the workpiece can vary within limits, the ES4100 can adapt its cycle.

The positive and negative circular pitch deviations are plotted on both sides of a straight centre line, which represents the arithmetic mean of all measurements, a diagram over the gear circumference.


A record with the desired and the obtained quality; on request also as PDF file.


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