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Gear Grinding Machines Retrofit MAAG

We upgrade MAAG gear grinding machines based on the 0° grinding method by incorporating our topological control systems - with levels up to CNC. A data-compatible substitute for MAAG-topology ES 422 is also available. Suitable MAAG gear grinding machines are:

  • HSS 30
  • SD-32-X
  • SD-36-X
  • HSP-80
  • HSS 90
  • others on request

HSS30, SD-32-X or SD-36-X base machines in stock


In the 0° grinding process, the involute profile is generated by the gear rolling relative to and in contact with the two disk grinding wheels. This ensures pitch independent grinding wheels and simultaneous grinding of two flanks.

In the 15° / 20° grinding process, the two grinding wheels form a left and right flank of the reference profile rack of the gear to be ground.

The workpiece is reciprocated in the axial direction to provide the feed motion. Indexing takes place at the end of each stroke of the feed carriage. Two tooth flanks are ground during each such cycle. The depth of cut is determined by the infeed of the grinding wheels.

For grinding helical gears, the column of the machine carrying the cross beam with the grinding heads is swivelled through the base helix angle ßb and an additional rotary motion is imparted to the workpiece in proportion to the axial feed.

The grinding heads can be adjusted in the direction parallel to the tooth flank so that they establish contact with the workpiece simultaneously. This keeps the feed carriage stroke to a minimum.


Software for input and analysis of topological forms for grinding by the 0° method. Operator aid via graphical area for easy setting and compiling of topological corrections directly on the machine.

Ideal to grind easy a helix bias modification!

Special features:

  • Program for the analysis of topological grinding data for minimizing the grinding wheel thinning. For the zero-degree grinding method.
  • The works-internal webbing of the machines (Data exchanges).
  • Integration of measuring results from external measuring machines as feedback for the production of topological forms.
  • The back-up of the technology data of the company server.
  • A user-friendly graphical surface for the operator via touch-screen.
  • Reliable and maintenance convenient machine control system on a field bus basis (Fiber- Optics)


Reproducible topological corrections on tooth flanks, with short set-up times, highly precise, and at economical cost. Different topological corrections can be ground on the left and the right flank simultaneously.

Applicable for:

  • Shaving cutters
  • Dressing tools
  • Prototype gears
  • Diamond dressing gears (DDG)
  • Rolling dies
  • Master gears
  • e-mobility gears
  • FZG test gears
  • etc.

Properties SD-32/36 CNC TOPO

  • Uniformly High Accuracy
    Ensured by the gear grinding principle, the meticulous care used in the manufacture and building of the machines and the rugged machine design with the hydrostatic sliding guides.
  • Same grinding wheels for all pitches
    This means very low tooling costs
  • Simultaneous grinding of two flanks
    Topological modification left and right
  • Rapid changeover
  • Large machine capacity
    SD-36 up to outer diameter of 360 mm, facewith up to 210 mm and helix angle up to +/- 45°.
    SD-32 up to outer diameter of 320 mm, facewith up to 210 mm and helix angle up to +/- 45°.
    HSS-30 up to outer diameter of 300 mm, facewith up to 250 mm at helix angle 0°, 215 mm at helix angle 31° and 130 mm at helix angle 45°.
  • Dry grinding process
    Dry grinding practically eliminates the danger of ‘’grinding abuse’’ and no pollution of the environment
  • Fully automatic grinding cycle
    With versatile programming facilities for roughing and finishing operations
  • Easy programming of the topological flank modifications
    Thanks the continuously further developing machine software, even without CNC knowledge.
  • Economical
    Through the overhaul and retrofit of an existing Maag machine, we achieve a excellent price-performance ratio.



HSS-30-CNC 15°

15° Kreuzschliff / ciss-cross grind