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DPM 300/600 Horizontal Hob Inspection Centers


The DPM CNC hob inspection centers have been designed for rapid, automatic precision checking of all important hob deviations. The measuring centers have a capacity for hobs with tip diameters up to 300 mm and 200 kg respectively 600 mm and 400 kg. The machine design is horizontal for easy and save loading and unloading of heavy hobs. The tailstock has an inbuilt automatic force control to ensure constant clamping.

All components used, such as camera head, control, evaluation etc. can also be used for the modernisation of customer hob inspection machines.

Tactile scanning properties 

Axes     3-linear axes
      1 rotary measuring axis
      3 scanning axes probe
SP80H spring rate   1.8 N/mm
Smallest stylus diameter 0.6 mm
Resolution Probe   0.02 µm

Profile form deviation behind the cutting edge (DIN 12)
O.D. runout (DIN 6)
Hob lead right and left (Din 14/15)
Line of action right and left (DIN 16/17)
Radial runout right and left (DIN 4)
Axial runout right and left (DIN 5)
Shape and position of cutting face (DIN 7)
Pitch of flutes (DIN 8/10)
Flute lead (DIN 11)
Axial pitch right and left 

Optical scanning properties

Axes     3 linear axes
      1 rotary measuring axis
      1 Camera head      swivel axis +/- 15°      with retraction                
Measurement type    Camera with telecentric lenses and illumination

Profile form deviation on the cutting edge (DIN 12)
O.D. Runout (DIN 6)
Hob lead right and left (DIN 14/15)
Line of action right and left (DIN 16/17)
Axial pitch right and left 

Automatic cutting edge damage recognition

Base Machine

  DPM-300 DPM-600
Center height 150 mm 300 mm
Maximum weight of work and fixture 200 kg 400 kg
Minimum face width 50 mm 100 mm
Maximum face width 670 mm 1180 mm
Maximum travel radius slide (X-axis) 190 mm 330 mm
Maximum travel tangential slide (Y-axis) from center  +/- 70 mm +/- 140 mm
Maximum travel carriage slide (Z-axis) 290 mm 690 mm
Smallest display- and position-step:    
Radius, tangential and carriage slide 0.001 mm 
Main rotation axis 0.001°  
Working speed of tangential slide (Y-axis) 0 -1000 mm/min 
Working speed of carriage and radius slide (X,Z axes) 0-1500 mm/min  
Working speed of main rotation axis (C -axis) 0-10 1/min 
Length of the measuring center 1800 mm 
Width of the measuring center 1200 mm 
Net weight approx. 1700 kg 3500 kg
Basis of machine and traversing axes Mineral casting 
X, Y, Z slides Linear bearing, spindle 
Measuring spindle C Roller bearing
Measuring uncertainty Eο=(1.2 + L/700) μm 
Workpiece clamping Clamping slide with
force control
Footswitch with con-
firmation push-button



CNC     Siemens Simotion
Measuring CPU   MSR dpag
OS      Windows embedded
HMI     Display, mouse, keyboard
Axes panel   7" TFT Touch, joystick
Evaluation Software