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Recorder ES-41X

MAAG ES-410 / ES-411/ ES-412 / ES-415 / ES-416 substitute


The recorder is the plug-in replacement for MAAG: ES-410 / ES-411 / ES-412 / ES-415 / ES-416

Recording units of the gear checking machines: SP-60 / SP-130 / SP-160 / SP-200 / PH-100


The operator is guided through the setting up and the measurement; the tuition time is minimal, the measurements are performed automatically.


A record with the desired and the obtained quality; on request also as PDF file.


Test results and their analysis:

  • Profile Fα, ffα , fHα ,fHαm
  • Helix Fβ, ffβ , fHβ ,fHβm
  • Crown Cα, Cβ
  • Pitch Fp ,Fpk, fpt, fu, (with ES4100)
  • Runout Fr (with ES4100)

With optional software:

  • Tolerance bands
  • Quality numbers as per ISO, DIN, AGMA
  • Preparation of data for statistical analysis


In stock - MAAG SP 200 Gear Measuring Machine

for up to 2000 mm diameter available


Legendary original MAAG quality, updated with the d+p ES-41X recorder for modern gear evaluation.

One machine available.

Ask for details!