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Measuring Centers Retrofit

CNC  Measuring Machine Modernisation - Retrofit

Gear, Hob or tool checking machines

Retrofitting is a reasonable and cost-effective investment compared to buying new.
Older measuring machines are often still mechanically in good condition, but the problem is that spare parts are no longer available.

We modernise your CNC measuring machine with the latest Siemens CNC system for X, Y, Z, T and C axes. The complete control cabinet with all electronic components and wiring is replaced. All motor power and signal cables are replaced. All glass scales for X, Y, Z and T with C axis encoders are replaced with Heidenhain or Renishaw measuring systems. The original probe is replaced with a high accuracy Renishaw SP80H standard probe. The powerful measuring CPU and evaluation software under Windows 11 were developed in-house by dpag.

All axes are checked and overhauled if necessary.

Calibration and verification 
Calibration of the scanning probe using non-linear optimisation polynomial functions on a reference sphere with factory certificate. Calibration of the machine using a test mandrel. Verification on gear standards.

The new system on your proven and robust base machine offers high accuracy and repeatability as well as outstanding reliability over many years. The use of standard components such as Siemens, Heidenhain and Renishaw simplifies maintenance.

Examples of basic machines:

Gear checking machines



Gear pitch checking 

-Hoefler EVTM

Hob checking machines

-Mahr OKM Accure


-Other on request