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SP4200/6500 Measuring Centers Retrofit MAAG


The SP-4200 CNC gear measuring centers have been designed specially for rapid, automatic precision checking of all important gear tooth deviations on external and internal spur and helical gears.

The measuring centers can accommodate gears with tip diameters up to 420 mm (16.54 in.) and 650 mm (25.60 in.) respectively.


The operator is guided through the setting up and the measurement; the tuition time is minimal, the measurements are performed automatically.

For setting, the movements in the individual axes can be controlled manually from the control panel of the machine. This is usually limited to clearing the necessary loading space for the particular workpiece and to operating of the tailstock.

Special safety devjces with circuits entirely separate from the computer have been incorporated for the protection of the Operator, the machine and the workpieces. The drives are stopped if they exert excessive loads on the workpiece, the probe or the end stops.

Double push button Operation also safeguards against unintentional release of the tailstock.

Capacity and machine data

  SP-4200 SP-6500
Max. external diameter for:    
external gears 420mm 650mm
internal gears 500mm 730mm
Base circle diameter for:    
external gears min./max. 0/400 mm 0/630 mm
internal gears min./max. 20/400 mm 20/630 mm
Helix angle +/-90° +/-90°
Module (Pitch) min./max. 0,5/15 0,5/15
Max. face width 400mm 400mm
Center distance min./max. 35/550 mm 35/900 mm 
Weight of workpiece including fixture max.  500kg 500kg
Weight of machine, net  1730 kg  1880 kg
X axis, tangential slide +/-140 mm  +/- 190 mm
Y axis, carriage 220 mm 340 mm
Z axis, vertical slide 400 mm 400 mm
Working speed, X,Y and Z axes, max. 10 mm/s 10 mm/s
Rapid traverse, X, Y and / axes, max. 20 mm/s 20 mm/s
Taxis, radial probe slide stroke 37 mm  37 mm
Traverse speed max. 30 mm/s 30 mm/s
Axis, table rotation n x 360° n x 360°
Working Speed 3 rpm 3 rpm
Rapid Speed 6 rpm 6 rpm

Measuring functions and capabilities

Involute spur and helical gears, external and internal, Hobs

  • Profile
  • helix
  • Single and accumulated pitch
  • Max. number of individual measurement per set of teeth   99
  • Max. number of sets of teeth per set-up   15
  • Hobs

Test results and their analysis according to DIN, ISO, AGMA

  • Profile Fα, ffα, fHα, fHαm
  • Helix (tooth alignment) Fβ,ffβ, fHβ, fHαm
  • Crown Cα, Cβ
  • Pitch Fp, Fpk, fpt, fu
  • Runout Fr

with optional software:

  • Tolerance bands fT
  • Quality numbers as per ISO, DIN, AGMA
  • Tooth thickness s, (Wk)
  • Comparison of actual an specified values
  • Preparation of data for statistical analysis
  • Unknown Gear
  • Gear Cutting Tools


The workpiece is mounted in the measuring center with its axis vertical, either between centers or on the rotary table. The measurements are carried out by a single probe with movements of the machine in one or several axes. The individual table and slide movements are employed during the automatic measuring cycle as follows:

Profile and Helix Measurements

  • Carriage (Y axis) working diameter setting
  • Probe slide (T axis) probing for tooth space and radial positioning of probe.
  • Rotary table (Phi axis) rotary motion
  • Tangential slide (X axis) associated motion necessary for generating the nominal relative involute curve.
  • Vertical slide (Z axis) associated motion necessary for generating the nominal relative helix line.

Measurernent of Pitch and Radial Runout

  • Carriage (Y axis) working diameter setting
  • Rotary table (Phi axis) continuous rotation of the workpiece
  • Probe slide (T axis) rapid plunging motion for measurementof the individual flank positions

For checking the tooth profile and the helix (lead), the probe follows the tooth surface and the deviations from the nominal involute form and the nominal helix line are registered and transmitted to the d+p controller. The results appear in the desired format as traces on the monitor and can be printed out automatically, together with the programmed analysis.

For pitch measurements, the exact angular position of each tooth flank at the point of contact with the probe is registered by the rotary and linear measuring system and transmitted to the d+p controller.

Optional the measuremts can be stored as a PDF file


In stock - MAAG SP 42 / 65 Gear Measuring Machines

Original MAAG, tested, calibrated and modernized with our SP4200 CNC system.

Maximum outer diameter: 420-650 mm

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