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Gear Re 32 Portable Measuring Unit to Determine Unknown and Large Gears

The measuring instrument

The compact and portable Gear Re 32 measuring unit offers a precise and compact tool for the reverse engineering of unknown and large gears.

With the Gear Re 32 measuring unit and its Unknown Gear Software it is easy to determine unknown gear characteristics by laser scan such as: 

- Normal module, pressure and helix angle
- Profile Laser Scan
- Precise gear run-out and base tangent length measurement
- Tip and root diameter
- etc



Profile deviation by full scan profile with a laser

Rugged tablet


Communication to evaluation device

Bluetooth Communication to standard tablet


Operating and Evaluation Software

Guided interactive operating software to obtain the measurements.

The evaluation takes place on a customer-owned or optionally supplied tablet.


Technical Data

  Metric Inch
Workpiece Diameter min/max 300mm/unlimited 11.811"/unlimited
Standard Module / DP 3-32 Mod. 8.4666 - 0.793 DP
Larger Modules on request  
Helix angle ± 35°
Approx. net weight 5 kg 11.023 lbs
Dimensions 300x300x150 mm 11.81"x11.81"x5.91"
Colour Light grey